From Lab to Fab to the Market

From vision to market development

From Lab to Fab to the Market- from Lab to the factory in the market – we want to accompany our partners and customers on the whole way, from the idea to production to sales. For achieving real innovations this overall approach is vital. With our strong team consisting of engineers and scientists as well as sophisticated production technologies, this is exactly what we can provide you with. It does not matter whether from the very beginning to end of a development process or only in parts; we offer an energetic support for making your project a success.

Vision and idea

"Many good ideas have failed because someone, who should have been asked, was not asked." Cyril Northcote Parkinson

Creativity, inventiveness & ambition

These three factors are the basis for each innovation.

LAB => Testing – lab

The first step to reality. A mixture of science and product-oriented development. Here the basis is laid for successful products.

Concept and product development

Besides technical feasibility the focus is particularly on market acceptance. The product concept including production expenses has to be adjusted to market requirements (cost-benefit balance).

FAB => Industrialisation

Process development and process mastery are elementary competencies for the continuous realisation of high-quality products. With our expertise in the industrialisation of innovative production processes we offer our clients a unique selling proposition.

Production und after services

Continuous support. Problems are there to be solved.

MARKET => Market development and establishment

The market is changing, future is advancing. For our customers we are orientating ourselves dynamically target-oriented. Tapping into new markets together and safeguarding existing markets.