Innovations for Society

Competency in the medical technology for human well-being

Social Responsibilty

We have to pool our expertise for eventually creating product solutions, which are sustainable and oriented to the well-being of the patients.

Above all, it is the responsibility of the industry and politics to improve health care  in the short, medium and long-term, particularly for the well being of the patients and society.

Although we are not affected in these days, we have to react now considering the scenarios we have to face in the future.

The WHO expects that until 2030 each year more than 21 million people will newly come down with tumors, even so, according to WHO, nearly half of the cancer cases could be avoided.  

The treatment and therapy of cancer patients can be enormously improved by innovative products too.

In our view it is also our responsibility to implement and realise such innovative products.

More humanity in the success-oriented fast-paced world economy

Research Project – Personalised Chemosensitivity Test

innoME takes part in an interdisciplinary research project. In a consortium composed of economy, industry and health care there is currently tested a personalised chemosensitivity test in a clinical environment.

The aim is to examine tumor patients, already in the run-up of the chemotherapy, in relation to which cytostatic agents would be the most suitable ones for the patient. For this purpose on an analysis platform in-vitro vitales tumor material with different cytostatic agents is analysed and the most effective ones are identified.

This pretest verifies that the patient is treated at the best, what leads to a reduction in unintended side effects and eliminates an ineffective treatment.