Micro Fluidics

Optimise approaches to fluid technique with technology

Micro fluidics and printed sensor technology complement each other perfectly

Reactions are detected by sensor technology - Micro fluidics makes actions possible

Pipetting and dosing are standard processes. Micro fluidics enables a further form of fluid technology. Due to the possibility of the cost-efficient production of micro fluidics, based on foil material, completely new approaches and application possibilities are created.

By bringing together micro fluidics and printed electronics process monitoring becomes to process mastering.

Flexible Micro Fluidics on Foil Technology

Our technology makes it possible to integrate micro fluidics in foils. Flexibility does not get lost. Micro fluidic hoses, which are freely position able, are a possible application.

Micro Fluidics on Plastic Surfaces

Well-known from Lab-on-Chip systems solid plastic bodies can also be realised with micro fluidic channels.

Micro Drillings

For transmission respectively for fluid transport through thicker walls micro drillings are applied by us. Diameters in the area of 50µm or smaller are possible.