Printed Sensors

Discover the various possibilities in printed sensor technology

The revolution of sensor technology is starting right here…

New innovative printed sensors, simple to integrate, cost-efficient and individual

A process control, hence a regulatory cycle, can only function if process parameters are monitored online and feed it with data.

By means of printed sensor technology it is possible to control relevant parameters in the bioprocess, for example bioreactor, point of care diagnostics (at the patient) or for the extension of analyses platforms.



Due to the possibility of a cost-efficient manufacture of printed sensors, these are suitable for the integration of disposable articles.

The possibilities of sensor technology are nearly endless. Challenge us and the technology of printed sensors. 

We develop and realise your desired sensor technology.

Wireless communication

Recording data is one thing, sharing data is something else. If our printed sensors are paired with wireless technologies such as Bluetooth, RFID, NFC or WLan, entire sensor systems are created, which can be integrated almost indefinitely.



Cell attachment on printed sensors

For instance, HEK293 cells can be cultivated on our printed electrodes.

Image courtesy of Biotechnological-Biomedical Center (BBZ), Leipzig.


The pH-value is an important parameter in diagnostics. We have already reached the point where we can produce pH-sensors and measure the relative change.


With impedance sensor technology it is possible to detect cell growth and change in potential. Sensors can be designed as IDES (Inter Digital Electrodes Structure) or in the electrode arrangement.

All sensors are made of biocompatible materials and can directly get in contact with cell systems. 


Sensors for your applications

Regardless of whether parameters of metabolic activity of cells, chemical components or analytic features like conductivity and temperature – we are ambitious to improve your application, to develop it and, above all, to realise your desired sensor technology.

Printed sensors on geometric shapes

An in-house developed technology allows that printed sensors are not only to be produced in a planar approach, but can also be realised on free formed 3D surfaces.

Printed sensors – endless fields of application

Outlining visions of the future, slowly but surely that becomes reality at innoME. Printed senor technology allows endless fields of application. The printing of plants for controlling their growth is only one application example.