Product-related research

Product-related research for ideas in complex segments

Suck it and see!

To work market- and success-oriented from the beginning - the focus is always on the customer benefit

Many great approaches do not/ or only partially reach the market. Often the focus is more on further research of themes than a possible exploitation of the results.

The company innoME supports science and economy by product-oriented research.

In our own Lab interesting scientific findings are replicated and validated. The focus is always on a possible up-scaling and industrialisation as well as a cost-efficient use.

innoME offers you two approaches to product-related research. 

On the part of science we are evaluating the results to be utilised from an economical perspective. 

On the part of industry and economy we are providing solution proposals for innovative products, which are based on new technologies and approaches. 


Technology/ Product - Benchmark

Innovative products normally show a new aspect. The more this aspect serves for customer benefit, the more significant is the market acceptance and product success. At the beginning, in the idea and product phase, we are evaluating technological possibilities by benchmarking (state of science as well as state of technology) in order to optimise the customer benefit of a product idea. The impact from the market and user is considered too.

Technology - validation & evaluation

With the results of the technology benchmarking we are starting in validation and evaluation. Scientific approaches are replicated in our LabFab and are directly evaluated in terms of scalability, industrialisation as well as to cost structure and expenses.

from Lab to Fab - possibilities of industrialisation

From Lab to Fab to the Market – we are scaling manufacturing processes and industrialising them. Always in a close correlation with the product and market specifications.

In our LabFab (clean room class 8) we can make use of a lot of basic technologies. With our internal process technology we are developing new manufacturing processes for the production of innovative products.