Realisation of new product ideas


A smart meter for your application.

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zenCELL view

With zenCELL you can analyze biological samples quickly and safely.

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Microtiter plate with defined analysis volume

By using our microtitre plates it will be possible to display clearly defined reaction chambers on a microtitre plate.

Microtiter plate with integrated flow fluidics

Flow behaviors can be specifically replicated by the integration of fluidic elements in microtitre plates. 

Microtiter plates with integrated sensors

Opto-chemical, electrochemical and physical sensors or opto-transducers. All those kind of elements can be integrated in microtitre plates.



PermeaPad® Plate

With the innovative approach to high throughput permeability screening, screens will be faster, easier and more cost effective.

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Individual microtiter plates

You want to test a new kind of membranes and for this purpose an „open" microtitre plates system is needed in order to integrate your membranes, similar to a Franz-cell, but scaled to the standard microtitre plate measurement?

We offer you a number of individual microtitre plates.