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The modular system is versatile in biology and medicine.

With real-time measurements it is possible to record various cell culture parameters such as impedance, oxygen, temperature and pH. Enzymbated biosensors also complete the measurement offer.

With our parallel microscopes, you get high-resolution images of all samples, even simultaneously.

The market entry will take place in the third quarter of 2017.

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Microtitre plates with defined analysis volume

For standard microtitre plates there is only the possibility to pipette medium to or from the analysis volume respectively to dose it. A defined surround-flow, for instance of a cell sampling, is not possible.  

Furthermore, the analysis volume is not clearly defined

By the use of our microtitre plates it will be possible to display clearly defined reaction chambers (analysis volumes) on a microtitre plate. For example, analysis volumes can have a defined volume of 25µl, 50µl or 100µl.

Individually adjustable analysis volumes are also in the focus and will be available from July 2017.

Microtitre plates with integrated flow fluidics

Flow behaviors can be specifically replicated by the integration of fluidic elements in microtitre plates. In that way it is possible that the in-vivo situation is nearly transferred to an in-vitro analysis.

The integrated flow fluidics can be customised to applications and customer wishes.

The defined flowing around of tissue sections in a microanalysis volume causes a dynamic control of the analysis and thus leads to targeted analyses.

Microtitre plates with integrated sensor technology

Opto-chemical, electrochemical and physical sensors or opto-transducers. All those kind of elements can be integrated in microtitre plates. An advantage is the enormous added value of the sensors’ measurement data, which are directly positioned in the analysis well. 

It is absolutely possible to integrate more sensors in a well and to enable a multi-parametric sensor measurement in that way. 

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