A smart meter for your application

With the smart meter pH and temperature data can be measured and transferred via Bluetooth to the app innoLab. The app is available as a free download in the PlayStore or in the AppleStore.

The easily handling and the use of low-cost disposables allows a variety of application scenarios.

From analyzes of the pH value in an aquarium to tests in the chemical laboratory - everything is possible.

If you want to test our smart meter, feel free and contact us.




The features of the device:

•    Wireless data transmission
•    Variable adaptive measuring intervals
•    Visualization of measured values on your smartphone
•    System operates autonomously in the incubator
•    Smallest dimensions: 65 mm x 25 mm
•    Battery life of two weeks

Our disposable sensors:

•    pH-evaluation ± 0,5 pH-decades
•    Temperature detection with an accuracy of +/-2.5°C
•    Flexible and best possible handling due to optimal dimensions: 90 mm x 6 mm
•    Convenient and easy interface to Sctitis

The Scitis-App:

•    Comfortable connection of one or more sensor units to your smartphone
•    Offers all necessary functions for the measurement, such as the calibration of sensors as well as           display real-time data and curves
•    Storage of the measuring cycles on the smartphone
•    The data can be recalled at any time and any place