zenCELL view

zenCELL view is a time saving and reliable analyzing tool for biological specimen.

Our system has a modular design and is adaptable to different applications in biology and medicine, enabling real-time measurements of different physiologically relevant parameters in cellular assays, such as impedance, temperature, cellular oxygen consumption, and acidification.

Enzyme-based biosensors extend the range of possible applications even further. Our microscopes take high-resolution pictures of all specimen exact to the second.

The modular setup allows our customers to choose the right configuration suitable to their individual needs.



The zenCELL view provides:

•    automated cell culture imaging
•    continuous determination of cellular morphology, volume, aggregation, debris vitality and cell counting in real-time
•    up to 300-fold magnification and a resolution as small as 2µm
•    self-explaining operation by the integrated touchscreen, computer or web-enabled devices
•    telemonitoring of your assay from anywhere
•    market entry in 3th quarter of 2017

The modular zenCELL analyzer provides:

•    electrical cell counting and detection of cell morphology and vitality (2th quarter of 2018)
•    optochemical measurement of cellular metabolism (4th quarter of 2018)
•    automated cell imaging
•    label-free measurement in real-time
•    automatic data evaluation
•    fluorescence microscopy
•    modular an individual customizable, choose modules appropriate to your application, and save costs