PermeaPad® Plate

The innovative approach to high throughput permeability screening.

The PermeaPad® Plate is a new multiwell plate system based on an innovative biomimetic barrier for efficient investigation of passive permeability of drugs.

>The PermeaPad® barrier is invented and branded by the University of Southern Denmark (patent pending).<

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The PermeaPad®

PermeaPad® yields quantitative permeability

•    highly reproducible results
•    excellent comparability to existing approaches
•    reliable classification of compounds

PermeaPad® is fully artificial and resistant against a number of solvents and additives
•    wide application
•    compatible with water miscible solvents e.g. DMSO
•    compatible with common biomimetic media

The Plate

96 wells per plate
•    standard format
•    sandwich consisting of Cover, 96 insert Padplate, and Bottom well plate

Ready to use
•    long shelf life at ambient conditions

Time efficient and cost effective