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Drug Screening

In cooperation with researchers of the sector pharmaceutics we are developing a screening tool for Medicines-Perfusion tests in the development of drugs.

Development of Blood-carrying Plastic Parts

Based on a customer enquiry there has been developed a plastic part, by which blood is carried back to the patient and which has to fulfill special requirements in terms of thermals and pressure resistance.

Cutting System for Vital Tissue Sections

Basis for the analysis of vital tissue sections is the sample preparation. innoME spends time on developing a stable and reproducible cutting process for tissue samples, while preserving the complete vitality of tissue sections. 

BioSensors with Immobilised Cells

"Ready to use"-BioSensors. We are testing and validating Bio Sensors with embedded cells. Unpacking, activating, starting measurement. Simple, uncomplicated and with a high measuring manufacturability.

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