Most modern production and an effective after-production-service

In the idea a lot is functioning – with us reality is functioning

„Suit the action to the word“

Under realisation, we understand the enabling, creating and realising of products and processes. Innovative Ideas are one of the most valuable goods in these days. We are experts in bringing ideas to life!


The greatest honor for us is successful products and satisfied customers.



LabFab – industrialisation of production processes

In our own Laboratory Factory - „LabFab“ we can do some pioneering work. Here innovative processes are up-scaled, industrialised and modified. At the point where the state of technology is ending, we are starting.

Production - Establishment, Optimisation, Quality

Prototypes are of particular priority for us. For the customer and the developer it is a great experience to touch the first hardware samples and to validate them. For making prototypes a 3D-printer as well as conventional soldering work stations is available.

Serial production – Serial quality – Delivery reliability

Process stability and a constant quality performance are the basics for a good production. Our core processes we are securing with a regulation concept of process parameters. 100% qualification on verified fully-automatic control systems protects our quality and that of our customers.