innoME was founded to develop novel sensor-based products and to create a continuous market availability. We are pioneers in the development of innovative sensors, including the integration into products and responsibility for serial production. We are measured by our innovative power and implementation strength. In an interdisciplinary environment our employees operate in an entrepreneurial, creative and agile way and are proud of a successful realization of new sensor products. Our claim is to realize meaningful and inspiring sensor products that provide direct added value for our customers and users. Our products do inspire. 

Our competences

The main competence is sensor functionalisation, which is carried out in-house, and thus helps to secure the location. To generate maximum customer focus, service and support, we diversify individual business units into target markets and industries. Germany and East-Westphalia is our home, although we operate worldwide and aim for intercontinental company expansion in the future. 

Our goal

Our goal is becoming one of the leading and most innovative companies in the development and manufacturing of sensor products. 


Sensors are the data sources for more insights and findingsInnoME, with its creative, agile and entrepreneurial employees, is a pioneer in the development and realization of novel sensors and systems. We want to make a significant contribution to a meaningful social & technological progress. 

Our goal is to realize sensors in a resource-conscious way, at best even resource neutral. We see ourselves as co-designers of IoT, eHealth and smart processing by realizing novel sensor solutions and products that inspire customers and users. 

Business Map & Strategy

Being a pioneer means doing new things. Technologically, we are constantly facing new challengesdeveloping and implementing innovative sensors and products. For our own products, however, we need direct access to the users in order to implement our development in a target-oriented, customer benefit-oriented manner that never ceases to amaze. The user feedback is enormously valuable in order not to miss requirements of customers and the market. 

In the past five years, as product developers, manufacturers and marketers, we have concentrated on two areas where we see above-average market growth in the future and where we as a company can grow with. Both areas can be grouped under laboratory analysis, where we distinguish between cell culture analysis and active pharmaceutical ingredient development. Here we sell our products directly to end customers and are continuously expanding our global network of distributors. 

On the technological level, we have focused on foil sensor technology, collaborate actively in the B2B business and act independently of the industry, as sensor technology is required as a component in almost all industries. 

The cross-relation:

As a young company, we have diversified extensively in recent years between products in the fields of cell culture analysis, pharmaceutical drug development and foil sensor technology. Each business unit appears on the market under its own brand name and is therefore strongly customer oriented. This makes it even more important for us to provide a transparent explanation of the existing cross-relationships between the individual business units. 

The industry of pharmaceutical drug development and cell culture analysis is a conservative sector in terms of innovative technology, but with enormous growth potential for the following years. We as innoME would like to grow with these industries, but for target-oriented product development we need direct access to the market. 

The business area of foil sensor technology is crucial to generate new products with an USP (Uniqe Selling Point). Our goal is to sell our own foil sensor technology-based products to two growing markets, which are crisis resistant, via the business units operating in that market. In the future, the area of eHealth and wearables will also be an interesting market in which we would like to expand our business activities, also with product solutions based on foil sensor technology. 

Our connections into the market

Our innoME network map provides an overview of current and future connections to focused market areas. Similar to a subway network, we also provide cross-connections for joint technology use, joint market presence or distributor networks.  

We would like to further expand our metro network and are open to new developments and market approaches >>> preferably with you.   

True to our motto “Discover more together 

for Partners & Investors

Only together we are STRONG. ​

Everything from one source – in today’s world, with increasing technical complexity, this is no longer achievable and is also not the most efficient way. Every discipline has its experts. It is not uncommon for the skills that one has in a network to decide whether collaborative product development and the subsequent market approach will be a success. 

We as innoME are always looking for additional partners in our supplier network, are looking for trustworthy partners in the field of production and are open for new trade relations. 

A German saying: "It’s a difference between the one thing you want and another thing you have to do >>> Resources have to be provided."

Financial resources are needed to realize new innovative products. Here we like to work together with investors and strategic partners on a project-related baseThis way, new joint venture companies can be created and strategic partnerships lead to joint entrance into new business models or markets.  

Would you like to work together with us?

Would you like to work together with us? please contact us

about us

Before success there comes the DOING.

How can you help a solid medium-sized company to more innovation and new businesses? This was the question Martin Quarder and Eike Kottkamp asked themselves before innoME was founded. Being innovative once and realizing one new product is often not enough to be a constantly successful, growing and attractive company.

"We want to be permanently innovative in order to open up new businesses and replace expiring ones. That means we want to become innovative, be innovative and stay innovative".

The first thing it needs to do is “courage to innovate”, a strong network of partners and allies and persistence for the pioneering phase. 

Since 2015, innoME GmbH has been pursuing sustainable technical solutions, with a clear focus on sensor technology and plastic hybrid components, independently of the industry. We pass through the phases of technology development (novel sensor technology), product development (from sensor to cloud to clear customer benefits) and market introduction (as OEM, in a partner network or via distributors).  

True to our motto “Discover more together”, it is our ambition and claim to realize new innovative products which provide more insights and information, and thus provide a valuable gain in knowledge for the user. 

  • Spin-off from the Erwin Quarder Group 
  • Technology and product realization of sensor-based and knowledge-providing products.  

“We realize your data sources.”  

  • Globally positioned in the partner network 
  • Acting in business units for clear customer focus ​
  • Historically grown from a production company, therefore affinity to upscaling and industrialization 
  • Interdisciplinary team with experts in engineering, biology, business administration, production technology, marketing and quality assurance 


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